Fire Door Inspection, Testing & Maintenance Services

Fire Door Inspection, Testing & Maintenance Services

Fire emergencies can be catastrophic, particularly in commercial and residential buildings. One of the key elements of fire protection and safety is the use of fire doors. These doors, made from fire-resistant materials, provide vital exit routes during emergencies while also working to prevent the spread of fire within buildings.

At AESM, we recognise the importance of these passive fire protection systems. We are committed to helping you manage the effectiveness of your fire doors to ensure that occupants can safely exit at-risk buildings and that the spread of fire is effectively controlled.

The key types of fire doors include fire-resistant, smoke, and exit doors, each specifically designed for different buildings and purposes. Fire-rated doors need regular maintenance and inspections to maintain their integrity and safety features.

Since their maintenance is a non-negotiable aspect of fire safety, there’s no one better to call than the expert services of AESM. We offer inspections, testing, and fire door maintenance Melbourne residents can trust. Contact us today for fire door maintenance services Geelong and fire door inspection Melbourne.

Fire Door Inspections Melbourne

For fire safety, fire doors are specifically designed and installed for different purposes and building types. They are supplemented with emergency and exit lighting to allow safe egress and access during a fire event. Fire door servicing is essential to keep these doors well maintained at all times.

AESM offers a suite of fire, smoke, and exit door services including

AESM also provides you with a fire door maintenance logbook and a service tag for your fire doors, helping you stay on top of testing and replacement timelines. We abide by the fire door regulations Victoria upholds, fulfilling the requirements for annual fire door inspections and adhering to the fire door inspection checklist.

Building managers and business owners are responsible for their bulding’s fire safety. It's vital to stay updated on all scheduled maintenance and inspections for Melbourne fire doors to ensure building occupants' safety.

If you suspect damage to your fire-rated doors, don't hesitate to contact AESM for an inspection for peace of mind.

What are the Regulations for Fire Doors?

Fire doors in Australia must comply with Australian Standards, including AS1851 for maintenance and AS1905 for installation and performance.

While AS1851 outlines routine service of fire protection systems and equipment, AS1905 focuses on the components, installation, and performance of fire-resistant doors.

The Building Code of Australia [BCA] also outlines regulations regarding fire door installation, maintenance, and compliance in buildings. Working with these guidelines helps create a safer environment for everyone in the building.

Fire Doors Installation

The installation requirements for fire doors highlight each buildings’ fire door requirement, door gap regulations, signage requirements, and more. This includes keeping a maximum gap of 3mm between the top and door frame, as well as on both door sides. Any gap greater can cause the fire door to become faulty, and require urgent repairs.

How often do Fire Doors need to be Inspected?

Unlike other fire protection measures such as fire extinguishers and fire blankets, fire doors serve a dual purpose: they are also used as regular doors in the absence of a fire emergency. This usage exposes fire doors to wear, tear, and damage over time.

Australian standards mandate the frequency of inspection for each type of fire door. While fire rated doors need to be inspected once every quarter, smoke doors are inspected at least once in 6 months. In addition, fire rated panels need to have annual inspections as per the AS1851.

AESM provides expert fire door testing and inspection services per these requirements.

Fire Door Maintenance Requirements

Fire doors require skilled technicians for evaluation and maintenance as per fire door inspection regulations. At AESM, our team of qualified technicians ensures that your fire doors are in top shape and in compliance with Australian standards.

Maintenance for fire doors includes:

  • Signage as per Building Code of Australia [BCA]
  • Fire-rated door frame and hardware
  • Fire-rated door material
  • Fire-rated automatic closing handle
  • Self-latching properties [doors should not have a hold-open feature]
  • Door seals
  • Door gap [no more than 3mm between door and frame]

At AESM, our expert fire safety technicians in Victoria evaluate your fire doors in line with Australian Safety standards, perform door repairs, and provide you with a complete report through our easy-to-use CMMS system. This ensures that you can stay on top of your fire safety equipment maintenance requirements.

Be Fire-safe with AESM Today

Residential and workplace safety is important for all buildings in Melbourne and building owners and managers are responsible for ensuring fire safety for the health and well-being of their residents, tenants, or employees.

Remember, unchecked fire, smoke, and exit doors can lead to disastrous consequences in the event of a fire, potentially resulting in loss of life. Fire door annual inspection helps ensure the safety of your staff and residents.

In addition to fire door inspection services, AESM offers maintenance services for all your essential safety measures. This includes fire sprinklers, fire hose reels, fire hydrants, and fire alarms.

Get a quote from AESM today for immediate review and testing services for your fire doors.. Prioritize fire safety with AESM, because we make your safety our responsibility too.