Fire Safety Services Geelong

Fire Safety Services Geelong

Understanding the ins and outs of fire safety inspections will help you follow Geelong fire protection guidelines and promote the safety of people and places. Otherwise, fire accidents might get out of control, causing unimaginable damage to your property and endangering human life.

Installing fire safety equipment is the first step in minimising the risks of uncontrolled fires in residential and commercial buildings – the second being regular inspections, maintenance, and testing as required by Australian Standards.

At AESM, we provide exceptional fire safety inspection services and maintenance services in Geelong to ensure the protection of buildings and occupants. Furthermore, we cooperate with building managers and owners in Geelong to provide the best commercial fire protection services as well.

If you’re interested in fire safety inspection, Geelong is home to one of the AESM offices and we’re ready to assist you. Reach out to us at:

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Geelong Fire Protection Experts

A proactive approach to fire emergencies is the best way to protect people and your property. You can prevent fire emergencies through inspection, testing, and updating essential safety measures.

By maintaining fire equipment, you can prevent malfunctions, and remove doubts about the effectiveness of your fire system. Lucky for you, AESM prides itself on its professional fire inspection and maintenance services for residential and commercial buildings in Geelong and beyond!

Our services ensure that your fire protection system detects and suppresses fires, your emergency exits are in the clear, and your emergency lighting and alarm systems are functioning correctly. Of course, we put Australian Standards for Fire Safety, Victorian Fire Regulations, and Building Authority guidelines at the top of our testing and inspection service.

As a residential or commercial building manager or owner in Geelong tasked with building safety, you’re responsible for hiring the best fire testing and inspection teams for the job. Then, you can leave the hard part to us and be at ease regarding the quality and effectiveness of your safety measures.

Geelong Fire Equipment Testing & Maintenance

Below are some of the fire protection systems that we at AESM can evaluate in Geelong:

  • Fire Extinguishers: Fire extinguishers are handheld devices that extinguish small fires and come in different types.
  • Fire Hydrants: Fire hydrant systems are water supply points that provide firefighters with easy access to water.
  • Fire Sprinkler Systems: Fire sprinklers that use water to contain the spread of fires.
  • Fire Hose Reels: Fire hose reels are handheld tools that combat fires in their early stages with unlimited water sources.
  • Fire Blankets: Fire blanket use allows individuals to wrap themselves in them to suffocate Class F fires.
  • Exit and Emergency Lighting: Emergency lighting which includes fire signage that helps building occupants locate exits and fire fighting equipment during emergencies.
  • Smoke & Fire Alarms: Smoke and fire detection signals that are triggered during fire emergencies by fire alarm systems.
  • Fire Doors: Fire doors that withstand fires for a long time, delaying the spread of fires and allowing easy exit.
  • Smoke Doors: Doors that block smoke so that escape routes remain free of toxic fumes.

On top of our inspection and testing services, AESM provides a streamlined maintenance service via an effective data management system, which is the Computerised Maintenance Management System [CMMS]. We have an efficient data management system for scheduling and monitoring all routine inspection and testing activities throughout all your sites.

With this platform, you can:

  • Log into the website and track your building maintenance work, issue work requests, and track their progress.
  • Use the CMMS [which connects with our Customer Web Portal] to access all maintenance/service history.

This way, you can have an updated view of all servicing, reporting, asset history, and outstanding quotes for your property.

Fire Safety Inspection Certificate

Clients often wonder who conducts fire safety inspections. Generally, councils, building surveyors, building owners, and building occupants must ensure, enforce, and comply with fire safety measures.

However, the Victoria Building Authority [VBA] allows them to authorise agents [like specialist maintenance contractors] to make fire equipment maintenance reports, which is where we come in!

Accredited and experienced fire safety technicians will conduct assessments for your fire protection systems, providing you with a credible fire inspection report. Typically, this inspection certificate includes service documentation of fire and safety measure maintenance.

To elaborate, certifiers provide certifications of fire sprinklers, fire hydrants, hose reels, fire detection and alarm systems, passive fire protection, exit and emergency lighting, and fire extinguisher testing and fire blanket inspection.

According to the Buildings Act 1993 and Building Regulations 2006, you’re required to provide an Annual Essential Safety Measures Report in Geelong, Melbourne, and other parts of Victoria.

To submit a successful report, you need a written certificate/approval from an accredited safety maintenance service. This service should include a visual inspection for the protection measures and testing procedures to evaluate fire systems.

Local Fire Protection You Can Trust

Residential and commercial safety is crucial to the health and commercial safety of any building residents, or staff in Geelong. If neglected, your fire equipment and fire suppression system may become ineffective, unable to contain fire emergencies.

Avoid disasters and ensure Geelong fire safety with regular fire equipment maintenance through our essential safety measures contractors in Melbourne. You can trust that AESM is the right service for you. We are:

  • Purely local
  • Available for 24/7 support
  • Known for our exceptional customer service
  • Strongly committed to safety
  • A complete solution to fire safety

If you’re interested, contact us for further information about Geelong fire services & inspections. Also, get a free quote today for immediate inspection of your fire protection systems and equipment as per safety standards in Australia.