Fire Safety Inspection Services

Fire Safety Inspection Services

Essential Safety Measures are safety installations in a building that assist in reducing risk to life and property in the event of an emergency [e.g. fire] such as fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, emergency lighting, fire exit signs & doors, and smoke alarms.

The Victoria Building Authority Guidelines on essential safety measures state all building owners except those owning a house or an outbuilding must install various safety features in the building. These can include both residential and commercial buildings like offices.

You need to have essential safety measures in place for 4 main reasons:

  • Aid in ensuring the safe evacuation of occupants.
  • Ensure all fire emergency exits are cleared, and fire equipment is accessible.
  • Enable management of life-threatening situations that arise in a fire.
  • Help you avoid litigation and other penalties.

With regular fire safety inspections, you can avoid the dangers of fire emergencies that can lead to loss of life and property.

For AESM, safety of buildings and occupants is paramount and we work together with building managers and owners to provide the best fire safety service in Melbourne. 

Fire Safety Melbourne

The Victorian Guidelines for Fire Regulation state that essential safety measures are crucial to building safety. These guidelines also contend that maintaining fire safety measures is vital for those occupying the buildings and AESM can help you ensure those fire protection systems.

The National Construction Code (NCC) Building Classifications provides a detailed breakdown of building types that require different fire protection measures. They have been simplified in to 10 types below: 

  • Class 1a buildings: Row and terrace houses
  • Class 1b buildings: Boarding houses, guest houses and hostels
  • Class 2 buildings: Sole-occupancy buildings like rentals, apartments and flats
  • Class 3 buildings: Buildings used for a school, motels, or detention centres
  • Class 4 buildings: Dwellings in class 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 buildings
  • Class 5 buildings: Buildings used for offices and commercial purposes
  • Class 6 buildings: Buildings used for retail businesses, such as cafes, milk bars, and restaurants
  • Class 7 buildings: Car park buildings
  • Class 8 buildings: Laboratory buildings and other production buildings
  • Class 9 buildings: Public assembly buildings like nightclubs 

AESM knows the importance of a quality fire safety audit in Melbourne, and adheres to the fire safety inspection checklist for your building type as per Australian standards, offering the best fire protection services in Victoria. 

This means checking for your fire safety systems and firefighting equipment, emergency evacuation plans, and essential service measures maintenance records.

AESM Fire Safety Inspections

AESM follows the Australian Standards AS1851 & BCA when conducting multiple safety inspections and tests. We provide various inspection and fire protection services in Victoria which include 3 categories of fire protection:

Fire Detection and Suppression

  • Fire detection and alarm systems. We will conduct a fire alarm inspection by simulating an emergency condition to ensure your alarm is audible and it has activated the alarm signalling equipment.
  • Fire extinguishers (portable). For portable fire extinguishers inspection, we usually check their positions in the building to ensure they are easily accessible. We also conduct regular fire extinguisher testing to check for their pressure.
  • Fire Blankets: Our expert technicians will conduct fire blanket inspections as per a comprehensive fire blanket checklist, often done alongside fire extinguisher checks
  • Fire hose reels and fire mains. We inspect the position of your fire hose reels and ensure they are easily accessible during a fire emergency.    
  • Fire hydrant systems and fire mains. We check whether the pressure switches are protected against dust and insects for your fire hydrant system. We also check if the fire hydrant system is easily accessible.
  • Sprinkler systems and fire mains. We will operate fire sprinkler systems during the inspection to note the pressure readings.  

Egress and Access

  • Fire doors. We will conduct fire door inspections to ensure there aren’t any resistant forces and certify that it can be opened and closed easily.  
  • Smoke doors. We will inspect your smoke door design to ensure it complies with the required design safety specifications. 


  • Emergency lighting and exit lighting. We will activate your emergency lighting to verify its illumination and placement.
  • Emergency warning and intercommunications systems. We will inspect your emergency warning sign to ensure it is visible and free from dust and test your intercommunication system to ensure it is audible.

Our Inspection & Testing Systems (CMMS)

At AESM, we provide top-notch inspections and testing that meet the Australian fire inspection regulations. We also have an efficient data management system that smoothens our service delivery.

Our Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS), is used to track and schedule our routine fire inspections and testing services. This system usually tracks these services on all our websites.   

As our client, you can easily: 

  • Monitor all the maintenance services conducted in your building. You only have to log in via this website and track the maintenance progress. 
  • Make various work requests, and we will note them to meet your needs.
  • Check your current outstanding payments and a list of our provided maintenance services through our customer web portal. We will connect your customer web portal to our Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS), which will give you updates on our services.
  • Get help in preparing your Annual Fire Safety Statement to ensure it is accurate and up to date. This statement will show that your building is well inspected and that all the installed fire safety measures comply with the regulations.

We’re Here to Help!

As a building owner, you should provide a safe space to your residential tenants or company employees working inside your commercial building.

Check for your building’s fire equipment and call us for regular maintenance and inspections. Remember that having faulty fire equipment in your building can lead to loss of life and property if a fire emergency arises.

With AESM, you have the benefit of:  

  • A Local Institution: We know the challenges business people in Victoria face, and we understand the fire safety Victoria regulations must be followed. For your ease, we offer extensive Melbourne and Geelong Fire Protection Services. You won’t have to worry because we will ensure you are safe and compliant.
  • A Comprehensive Solution to Fire Safety: AESM is your first and final stop if you are looking for fire equipment testing, maintenance and inspection services. 
  • 24/7 Services: We are always available, and you can contact us during the day or at night.
  • The Best Customer Service: We offer quality customer service, and the CMMS system will inform you about our services in real time.
  • Commitment to safety: At AESM, we are dedicated to fire safety and ensuring all our clients are up to date with various fire safety compliance regulations.

Contact us today for further information and get a quote on the inspection of fire protection systems based on fire safety regulations, building codes, and environmental planning.