Emergency Warning & Intercommunication System Services

Emergency Warning & Intercommunication System Services

The potential devastation a fire can cause in both commercial and residential settings is immense. Early detection and timely warning of fires are not just crucial—they're life-saving.

Emergency Warning and intercommunication Systems (often called EWIS) are intricate networks designed specifically for commercial buildings. They include both alarms and a communication channel during emergencies. When looking at Building Occupant Warning System (BOWS) vs EWIS, BOWS focuses more on a general public address, while the latter has more specifications and a detailed mode of communication. You'll often find these systems in high-rise buildings, commercial establishments, and large residential complexes.

By offering timely alerts and aiding in systematic evacuations, the EWIS significantly reduces fatalities caused by fires. At AESM, we understand the critical role these devices play in fire protection and offer services in line with Australian Standards.

Regular EWIS inspection and servicing are important. Should you need to assess the functionality of your EWIS, don't hesitate to reach out to AESM today and schedule your essential safety measures inspection.

EWIS Services in Melbourne

Many buildings in Melbourne have integrated the essential emergency warning systems (EWS). However, EWIS is more comprehensive with both sound and intercom facilities. This is crucial, especially in the event of an emergency, as it empowers fire wardens to guide and ensure the systematic and safe evacuation of everyone in the building.

Dedicated to enhancing safety, AESM offers a complete range of EWIS services. These include:

  • Thorough routine EWIS inspections to check system robustness and performance.
  • Comprehensive EWIS Testing to validate its efficiency.
  • Regular and structured EWIS maintenance, ensuring the system remains at its operational best.

While providing these essential services, AESM is also committed to transparency. We give our clients a detailed report and a unique service tag for their EWIS setup. These tags can inform you about testing and replacement schedules. Building managers and business owners need to ensure an exceptional fire safety for every occupant and staff member, and AESM can help you achieve that.

EWIS Australian Standard

EWIS systems need to following stringent guidelines set by Australian Standards:

  • AS 4428.4:2016 details the design, installation, and operation of EWIS to facilitate evacuation systems.
  • AS 2220 parts 1 and 2 specify the equipment and installation criteria for these systems.
  • AS 1670 guides integrating fire detection systems with EWIS, ensuring effective alert and evacuation processes.
  • AS 1851 mandates routine maintenance to keep EWIS functional.

These standards along with compliance with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) are integral to building safety and ensuring EWIS reliability for emergency communication.

EWIS Testing

With commercial buildings, maintaining EWIS safety standards and adhering to set testing frequencies is essential.

For the warning mechanisms, comprehensive testing is required: monthly check-ups for immediate issues, 6-monthly reviews to capture any intermittent concerns, yearly evaluations for a thorough examination, and expansive 5-yearly EWIS testing to ensure long-term reliability.

The emergency communication systems can have more spaced-out testing, with yearly tests and a detailed inspection in five years.

EWIS Inspection & Maintenance

The integrity and effectiveness of Emergency Warning and Intercommunication Systems (EWIS) is based on multiple integral components, with the EWIS Panels being most important.

EWIS inspection demands a careful check on the EWIS control panel, clear audibility of loudspeakers, clarity and precision of sound (sound intelligibility), effectiveness of amplifiers, and readiness of visual warning aids.

It also stretches to cover basic elements such as the microphone, batteries, faultless wiring, and the proper function of the intercom system.

And since the EWIS activates when the fire indicator panel detects and triggers a fire alarm system, these related components must be thoroughly vetted during fire safety inspections.

But AESM's commitment goes beyond making your systems fire safe. Our team of trained technicians and certified electricians ensure that your EWIS fire system isn't just operational but meets the stringent criteria set by Australian standards. Using a detailed inspection checklist, tailor-made to match the benchmarks of Australian Safety standards, our expert fire safety technicians in Victoria carry out a complete evaluation of your EWIS.

After inspections, AESM equips you with a comprehensive report through our easy-to-navigate CMMS system, providing you the clarity and confidence to stay ahead in your fire safety equipment maintenance.

Timely Fire Warnings with AESM’s Services

This responsibility of resident and staff safety in Melbourne lies firmly with building owners and managers. Regular maintenance isn't an option—it's a requirement.

At AESM, we offer maintenance for all fire safety equipment and essential safety measures. This includes fire suppression systems, fire hose reels, emergency lighting, fire sprinkler systems, fire doors and more. AESM extends its EWIS inspection services to Geelong as well.

Don't leave safety to chance. Reach out to AESM for an immediate review and testing of your EWIS.