Automatic Fire Suppression System Services

Fires can wreak havoc, especially in commercial buildings and factories. Fire suppression systems, among other fire safety devices, play a critical role here. These are specialised mechanisms installed in commercial structures to control and mitigate fire outbreaks.

Often referred to as special hazard fire protection systems, these devices address unique fire risks or “special hazards.” Fire suppression systems are an integral part of Australia’s fire protection protocol.

AESM understands the gravity of fire-related dangers and offers superior fire protection services to enhance the effectiveness of your safety strategies. It's essential to remember that, like all fire protection equipment, special hazard fire suppression systems require maintenance and regular service to function optimally.

With AESM’s professional fire inspection services in Geelong and Melbourne, you will never have to compromise on safety. Book your fire suppression system inspection today.

Fire Suppression System Services Melbourne

Special hazards systems are crucial for commercial buildings where standard suppression mechanisms might fall short. They stand as an integral line of defence against fires. AESM offers:

  • Routine inspections to ensure functionality and standards adherence
  • Comprehensive testing of all fire suppression system components
  • Ongoing maintenance to address wear and tear of special hazard systems

Post-service, AESM will provide a detailed fire safety inspection report via our user-friendly CMMS system and a service tag, enabling clients to track timelines for any further testing and potential replacements. The onus of fire safety rests heavily on building managers and business proprietors. They are entrusted with the well-being of the building's occupants and staff, so they must stay updated on all fire systems maintenance needs.

If there's any suspicion of damage to the special hazard systems or apparent issues in other fire equipment, make sure to immediately seek expert inspection with AESM. Fire suppression systems aren't a one-size-fits-all but tailored for specific applications and premises, ensuring each establishment gets a fit-for-purpose solution. AESM is qualified to cater various industries, from healthcare facilities and data centers to manufacturing plants, each with unique challenges and fire risks.

Our skilled fire safety technicians understand these nuances and provide solutions that factor in both the architecture of the building and the specific hazards present.

By partnering with AESM, you benefit from our deep understanding, and are reassured of receiving a compliant service.

Fire Suppression System Australian Standard

Australia's commitment to fire safety is ensured through its stringent standards. Special Hazard Systems are governed by AS 1670, which delineates the installation, design, and commissioning specifications, while AS1851 focuses on maintaining fire protection systems, including fire suppression systems. Standards of Fire Suppression Systems also differ by their type.

With AESM’s compliance to Australian Safety Standards, you can rest assured your fire suppression measures are in good hands.

Fire Suppression System Testing

The AS1851 mandates annual Enclosure Integrity testing for Fire Suppression Systems. Enclosure Integrity covers the sealed nature of a space, ensuring that fire suppression agents, especially those of the gaseous variety, remain contained within an area during a fire.

Any potential leakages or weak spots in the enclosure are identified through systematic testing. This early detection is important for gaseous suppression systems, as any leakage can diminish the system's efficacy, making it less effective at controlling fires.

Fire Suppression System Maintenance

Fire suppression system inspection requirements contain multiple components. These include control valves, piping, an external alarm, fire sprinkler systems, fire indicator panels, fire brigade panels, smoke detectors, and the emergency warning system. Each part has its distinct function, and their seamless operation is vital for the fire system's overall efficiency.

Monthly fire suppression system inspection usually encompasses evaluations of the external alarm system, fire indicator panels, batteries, and wiring for any damage or wear. Annual assessments, on the other hand, are more exhaustive. They encompass room integrity testing, activation of the fire detection system to check the efficacy of sensors and triggers, as well as assessment of visual warning aids and other associated systems.

AESM is confident in its qualified technicians and electricians to provide a thorough check for your fire suppression system in Melbourne. Our seasoned fire safety professionals in Victoria meticulously evaluate your devices against a comprehensive fire suppression system maintenance checklist aligned with Australian safety norms.

Complete Fire Safety with AESM

An unchecked fire protection system isn't just an oversight; it's a time bomb. In the tragic event of a fire, an unmaintained system can lead to catastrophic consequences, potentially resulting in irreparable damage and, most heartbreakingly, loss of life.

Every factory, plant, and commercial premise in Melbourne should remember to prioritise work safety as an obligation. As building owners and managers, it is your utmost duty to safeguard the health and well-being of those who work under your roofs.

Fortunately, with AESM by your side, you can ensure all your essential safety measures are in impeccable condition. From fire doors, fire extinguishers, fire hose reels, and fire hydrants to emergency lighting and fire blankets - AESM is your one-stop solution for fire systems maintenance services.

Prioritise safety with AESM and don't leave things to chance. Get in touch today for an immediate review and testing of your automatic fire suppression systems.