Fire Detection & Alarm Systems Maintenance Services

Fire Detection & Alarm Systems Maintenance Services

Fire outbreaks can be catastrophic, especially in commercial and residential buildings. They put property, and more importantly, human lives at risk. This makes the role of automatic fire detection and alarm systems critical.

Unlike basic smoke alarms, fire detection systems are for large spaces such as commercial buildings, warehouses, and factories. They offer an early emergency warning in case of fire, significantly reducing the risk of death and damage.

In Australia, commercial fire alarms are a key fire protection system. At AESM, we understand the vital role these fire protection devices play and offer specialised services to ensure their optimal functionality. Like any other fire protection equipment, fire alarm systems require regular maintenance and frequent service.

Remember, fire safety is a collective responsibility. Don't wait until it's too late. Contact AESM today for comprehensive commercial fire alarm inspection services in Geelong and Melbourne.

Commercial Fire Alarm Service Melbourne

Fire alarm systems are installed in commercial buildings and need consistent monitoring and maintenance to keep them at their top working condition. At AESM, we provide a wide range of essential fire safety services under the fire alarm system domain, which includes:

  • Fire alarm monitoring & routine inspections
  • Fire detection & alarm system testing
  • Fire alarm maintenance

Upon service completion, AESM will provide you with a detailed report and a service tag for your fire detection system, ensuring all testing and replacement timelines are properly recorded and adhered to.

As building managers and business owners, it's your responsibility to ensure the safety of building occupants and your staff. Staying updated on all scheduled maintenance and inspections is crucial to this responsibility. If you suspect damage in your fire alarm systems or notice issues with supporting fire equipment, don't hesitate to contact AESM for an inspection.

AESM will provide your business with exceptional fire detection system maintenance services. These automated systems are designed to provide immediate alert in case of fire, drastically reducing the reaction time and mitigating damage. Our technicians are skilled in dealing with these complex systems, ensuring they function efficiently, and meet all fire detection and alarm system standards.

Through our expert services related to commercial fire alarm maintenance in Melbourne, AESM ensures that your building, workplace, or business is fire safe and fully equipped to prevent disastrous fires.

Australian Standards for Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

Australian Standards that apply to Automatic Fire Detection and Alarm systems include the AS1670 [installation of fire detection and alarm systems] and AS1851 [maintenance of fire detection systems]. These standards are enforced by the Victorian Building Authority, which also sets out the requirements for inspection.

By adhering to these regulations, you ensure that your premises are compliant with the law and equipped with the best fire safety measures. Adherence to these standards is not just a legal obligation, but a commitment to the safety of your premises and people within. Make this commitment today with AESM.

AESM helps you meet these standards by conducting detailed inspections per the AS1670 and AS1851 guidelines. These inspections evaluate whether automatic fire detection and alarm systems are installed correctly and maintained periodically. Additionally, AESM’s commercial fire alarm service assists in interpreting the complex Australian Standards, providing practical guidance to ensure compliance and maximum fire safety.

How often should Commercial Fire Alarms be Tested?

Commercial fire alarm monitoring and testing is key for effective fire safety. The frequency of these tests varies based on the type of the system and the requirements set out by the Australian Standards, ranging from monthly, 6-monthly, yearly, 5-yearly to even 10-yearly intervals.

What is the Routine Maintenance of a Fire Alarm System?

Fire detection and alarm systems are complex, comprising different components including external alarms, smoke detectors, flame detectors, fire indicator panels, fire brigade panels, and fire sprinkler systems. Each part needs to be checked and maintained regularly to ensure optimal functionality.

Monthly inspections usually involve checking for damages on the external alarm, fire indicator panels, batteries, and wiring. More thorough annual testing includes triggering the detection system to check the effectiveness of the fire and smoke sensors, audibility of the alarm, visual warning aids, and other accompanying fire systems.

It's important to maintain clean fire detectors as accumulated dust and dirt can cause false alarms, which can disrupt business operations and incur costs. At AESM, our team of qualified technicians and electricians ensure your fire detection and alarm systems are in the best state and compliant with Australian standards.

Victoria's expert fire safety technicians will evaluate your commercial fire alarm against a fire alarm system inspection checklist, aligned with Australian Safety standards. You'll receive a complete report through our user-friendly CMMS system, allowing you to stay on top of your fire safety equipment maintenance requirements.

The scope of AESM’s services extends beyond commercial fire alarm maintenance Melbourne. We are proud to offer our expertise in fire alarm systems in Geelong, expanding our reach to serve our clients better. So if you're concerned about your current fire detection system maintenance and upgrades, AESM can guide you through the process, ensuring your commercial premises are well-protected against fire incidents.

Be Fire-safe with AESM Today

Ensuring safety in residential and commercial buildings is a key responsibility for all building owners and managers in Melbourne. Unchecked fire can have disastrous outcomes, leading to potential loss of life. This calls for regular maintenance and checks of your fire protection systems.

AESM offers comprehensive maintenance services for all your essential safety measures. This includes fire suppression systems, fire extinguishers, fire hose reels, fire hydrants, emergency lighting, and fire blankets.

Don't put safety on the back burner. Get a quote from AESM today for immediate review and fire safety inspection services for your automatic fire detection and alarm systems, and other fire fighting equipment.