Automatic Fire Sprinkler Inspection Services

Automatic Fire Sprinkler Inspection Services

Installing reliable fire protection systems in place is important to avoid life-threatening fire emergencies in both commercial and residential buildings. This includes having effective and efficient automatic fire sprinkler systems to protect your property.

Fire Sprinkler systems detect fire and automatically release water to suppress it, while using a fire alarm system to trigger an emergency warning. After fire detection, the system may also alert fire services to send in fire brigades. Sprinklers are considered to be one of the most effective and reliable fire protection systems in Australia.

Once you have the installation out of the way, leave it to AESM to ensure your fire sprinkler system is properly maintained and accounted for. We are experts in inspecting and managing critical fire protection equipment. We know when your fire sprinkler system needs to be serviced and how often it needs to be tested. Contact us today for your fire sprinkler inspection.

Fire Sprinkler System Services in Melbourne

Fire sprinkler systems are often installed as primary fire control methods for large fires, along with emergency lighting systems. However, these systems need to be regularly monitored and maintained to ensure their effectiveness during a fire.

At AESM, we offer comprehensive essential services under the automatic fire sprinkler domain:

  • Routine inspections of your automatic fire sprinklers by our qualified fire safety equipment specialists
  • Fire sprinkler system testing and fire sprinkler maintenance as per Australian standards
  • Detailed reports and a service tag for your fire sprinklers, so that you can keep track of testing and repair timelines

As a building manager or business owner, you are responsible for ensuring the fire safety of your occupants and staff by better understanding automatic fire sprinkler systems, and allowing AESM to help you stay updated on all your scheduled maintenance and inspections on-site.

If you notice any damage or leak in your fire sprinklers, don’t hesitate to contact us for a fire safety inspection. We will ensure that your fire protection measures are in optimal condition and ready to respond effectively in an emergency.

With our expert fire protection services related to fire sprinkler testing in Melbourne, AESM helps you be at ease by ensuring that your workplace or business is fire safe and fully prepared for any unforeseen fire emergency.

What is the Australian Standard for Fire Sprinkler Systems?

Fire sprinkler systems in Australia must comply with specific Australian Standards to ensure fire safety. Two key standards are AS 2118.1 and AS 2118.4, which provide guidelines for designing, installing, and maintaining automatic fire sprinkler systems for commercial and residential buildings.

In addition to these standards, all fire safety equipment, including sprinkler systems, must follow Australian Standard 1851 (AS 1851), which outlines the requirements for testing, inspecting, and maintaining these systems.

Lastly, sprinkler systems must also meet Technical Specification Standards developed by FPA Australia. These standards are FPAA101D and FPAA101H, which specify the design and installation criteria for domestic and residential sprinkler systems.

How Often Do Sprinkler Systems Need To Be Serviced?

Sprinkler systems need regular testing to ensure fire safety. Australian standards recommend different testing frequencies depending on the system and its components. These range from monthly, 6 monthly, yearly, 5 yearly 10 yearly, 25 yearly and 30 yearly inspections. AESM can customize a maintenance schedule to suit your building’s needs while complying with national regulations.

The Importance of Regular Fire Sprinkler Maintenance

Fire sprinkler systems are made of a number of different components, such as pipes, stop valves, alarm valves, fire sprinklers (heads), alarm test valves, and motorized alarm bells. Each component needs to be maintained and upgraded regularly to ensure the system's effectiveness in protecting life and property during a fire.

Depending on the type of fire sprinkler system installed in your building, different kinds of testing/inspections are required. For example:

  • Wet pipe systems need monthly inspections of gauges and control valves, quarterly inspections of hydraulic nameplates and alarm systems, annual inspections of hangers & seismic bracing, pipes & fittings, sprinklers & signs, and five-yearly inspections of internal piping condition and obstruction investigation.
  • Dry pipe systems need additional inspections of air pressure levels, priming water levels, and low-point drains.

One aspect of sprinkler testing is flow testing, which measures the water pressure and flow rate at various points in the system. Flow testing ensures the system delivers enough water to suppress a fire effectively. It also helps identify any leaks or blockages in the pipes that may affect the system's performance.

Installing fire sprinklers means they must be regularly inspected, tested, and maintained in top quality to work against fires. At AESM, we provide comprehensive fire sprinkler maintenance services to suit your needs. Our team of qualified technicians ensures that your fire sprinkler systems are fully functional and have no leaks or problems in water flow, all in compliance with Australian standards.

What’s more? AESM has expert fire safety technicians on the job in Victoria who will evaluate your fire sprinklers against a fire sprinkler inspection checklist in line with safety regulations. We will also provide you with a complete report through our easy-to-use CMMS system so that you can meet your fire safety equipment maintenance requirements.

Be Fire-safe Today

Building owners and managers are responsible for ensuring their fire equipment is regularly maintained to ensure occupant safety and prevent potential loss of life or property damage during a fire.

AESM offers maintenance services for automatic fire sprinklers, as well as for all essential safety measures installed at your premises, including fire suppression systems, fire extinguishers, fire hose reels, fire hydrants, exit lighting, and fire blankets.

Contact AESM today for immediate review and testing of your automatic fire sprinkler systems and make use of AESM’s Melbourne and Geelong Fire Sprinkler Services.