Fire Hose Reel Inspection, Testing & Maintenance Services

Fire Hose Reel Inspection, Testing & Maintenance Services

Fires can lead to disastrous emergencies causing serious damage, especially in commercial and residential buildings. To protect against the dangers of fire, buildings require operational fire safety equipment. This includes fire hose reels, which are used to combat common class A fires.

AESM is committed to ensuring the optimal functionality of your fire hose reels, a crucial fire safety component. With experience across various building types, our thorough fire safety inspection services can help make sure your fire hose reels are fit for purpose, maintained to the highest standard, and ready to be used when needed. Contact Us Today.

Fire Hose Reel Services in Melbourne

AESM offers comprehensive fire hose reel maintenance in Melbourne. These services include:

  • Routine inspection of your fire hose reels by our team of qualified fire safety experts
  • Testing and maintenance of fire hose reels as per Australian Standards
  • Detailed reports and service tags for your fire hose reels after every service. This enables you to keep track of testing timelines and any necessary repairs or replacements.

Building managers and business owners are responsible for ensuring the safety of building occupants and staff. This includes keeping up-to-date with all scheduled maintenance and inspections on site.

Should you suspect any damage to your fire hose reels, don't hesitate to contact AESM for an inspection. With AESM's expert fire hose reel testing services in Melbourne, your premise can be best prepared to handle fire emergencies, guaranteeing a safe, fire-protected environment.

Why Do You Need a Fire Hose Reel?

Fire hose reel use is mostly for fighting Class A or ‘ordinary’ fires involving combustible carbon solids like wood, paper, and plastics. Together with a fire hydrant, it serves as a primary water source for firefighting during emergencies and is often used as a first line of defense, alongside fire extinguishers.

However, fire hose reels are not suitable for all types of fires. They should not be used for:

  • class B fires (combustible liquids)
  • class C (combustible gasses)
  • class D (combustible metals)
  • class E (electrical equipment fires)
  • class F (cooking oils and fats)

Installing fire hose reels requires regular inspection, testing, and maintenance to ensure they are in optimal condition and ready to tackle fires. AESM's team of expert technicians ensure that your fire hose reels are installed in accessible locations, free of faults, of the correct size, and have adequate water pressure in compliance with Australian standards.

Our technicians are well-trained, backed by years of industry experience. They understand the nuances of fire safety and work diligently to guarantee that your fire hose reels are compliant and reliable in the face of emergencies.

What are the Australian Standards for Fire Hose Reels?

Australian Standards for Fire Hose Reels include AS 2441, Australian Standard AS1851, and AS/NZS 1221. These standards specify fire hose reel installation, care, and maintenance guidelines, ensuring fire protection during emergencies.

Compliance with these standards is not just a legal obligation but also a significant step towards ensuring your property's and occupants' safety. We at AESM are well-versed in these guidelines and work to ensure your fire protection systems meet and exceed these standards.

Installation Requirements

  • As per Building codes, all units more significant than 500 square meters require a fire hose reel. These must be installed on every building floor and next to fire hydrant systems.
  • The AS2441 standard outlines the concept of system coverage, including fire hose reel lengths. The length can be 36m or 50m while the hose diameters are either 19mm or 25mm.
  • The hose reels should be placed within 4m of an exit
  • Signage must be added near the installed fire hose reels 2m or above floor level.
  • The mounting height of fire hose reels should be between 1.4 to 2.4m above the floor level to ensure easy access and visibility, and they should be free from any obstructions by furniture.

How Often Should Fire Hose Reels Be Tested?

Fire hose reel inspection frequency should be every 6 months, and the inspection date recorded on the maintenance tag. An annual, more detailed testing procedure along with fire hose servicing is also necessary. Each fire hose reel should have a service tag or sticker for inspection, testing, and maintenance updates.

How are Fire Hose Reels Tested and Maintained?

Several elements are inspected and tested during these appointments, including:

  • Condition of the hose and cabinets
  • Condition of the components such as the nozzle interlock
  • Accessibility and signage of the fire hose reel
  • Leakage Checks
  • Water supply
  • Fire hose reel flow testing [Fire hose reel pressure testing is essential which includes testing for the water flow rate and leakage checks]

For annual testing, the hose is unwound to check for damages, hose fittings are evaluated, and any obstructions to the hose are checked.

It's worth noting that using fire hose reels for non-fire related purposes can reduce their lifespan and increase the chance of damage. If properly maintained, fire hose reels can last up to 10 years and should strictly be used for fire emergencies only.

AESM employs qualified fire safety technicians in Victoria who evaluate your fire hose reel systems against a fire hose inspection checklist in line with Australian Safety standards. They provide a comprehensive report through AESM's user-friendly CMMS system, updating you about your fire safety equipment maintenance needs.

AESM Fire Services - Be Fire-safe Today

Ensuring fire safety in Geelong and Melbourne buildings is fundamental for the health and well-being of occupants, tenants, and employees. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain regular inspections and maintenance of your hose reels and all other fire fighting equipment including fire blankets, fire sprinklers systems and emergency lighting.

Don't risk your safety. Contact AESM today for a prompt review and testing services for your fire hose reels and be fire-safe today.