Exit and Emergency Lighting Maintenance & Testing

Exit and Emergency Lighting Maintenance & Testing

Fire is a serious threat to both commercial and residential buildings and can cause devastating property damage or worse, loss of life. That’s why it is vital to have reliable fire protection systems in place.

Installing emergency and exit lighting systems is one of the best ways to protect your property and people from fire emergencies as they enhance fire safety and aid in safe evacuation. These systems light up the way out in case of power failures, which can obstruct the visibility of exit pathways.

But, having emergency and exit lighting systems is not enough. You must also ensure they are properly maintained and tested timely by qualified professionals. That’s where AESM comes in. We are experts in managing and maintaining these crucial fire safety devices. We conduct regular fire safety inspections, maintenance and testing to ensure that your emergency lights and exit signs are functional and compliant with safety standards.

Contact AESM today and book your emergency light inspection. Our team will ensure that your emergency and exit lighting systems are in top condition and ready to guide you to safety in an emergency.

Emergency Exit Lighting Services Melbourne

There are different types of emergency and exit lights, each suited to different buildings and purposes. They are installed in commercial and residential buildings to aid egress and access in the event of large fires alongside fire sprinkler systems that help control those large fires and need to be monitored and kept in working condition at all times

AESM offers a range of services for emergency and exit lighting systems, including:

  • Routine inspection of your emergency lights and exit pathways by our team of fire safety specialists
  • Field evaluation and testing of your emergency and exit lights to ensure full compliance with Australian safety codes
  • Inspection service tags and a detailed log book allowing for accurate and hassle-free recordkeeping of your testing and replacement schedules.

Building managers and business owners are responsible for ensuring fire safety on site by staying updated on their maintenance and inspections. If you notice any damage to your exit lights or signs, contact AESM for a quick inspection. With our expert services related to emergency light testing in Melbourne, AESM ensures that your exit pathways are well-lit and ready for any fire emergency. You can trust us to keep your fire safety standards high!

What are the Australian Standards for Exit & Emergency Lighting?

Emergency Lighting must follow AS/NZS 2293 Parts 1, 2 and 3. These standards are enforced by fire safety authorities and building inspectors, and cover emergency lights system design, installation, operation, service, and maintenance.

Emergency Lighting Installation Regulations

As essential fire safety devices that help occupants escape from buildings in case of emergencies, emergency lights and exit signs need to be effective, reliable, and installed according to the Australian Standards and Building Code of Australia.

Briefly put, emergency lighting must be installed in:

  • storeys of buildings greater than 300 metres square in size [types of buildings are highlighted in the building code]
  • fire-isolated stairways, corridors or paths to exits

While exit signs need to be placed at:

  • Exit doors
  • Internal and External Stairways, as well as Passageways allowing exit

At AESM, we keep track of these requirements and ensure your systems are always up to date and compliant with the standards.

What are the testing requirements for emergency lighting?

Regular testing is essential for emergency and exit lights. According to the Australian Standards, emergency lights require duration tests to see how long they last, as well as luminance tests to check how bright they are.

These lights must undergo a 90-minute discharge test every six months to check how long they can operate during a power outage. This test simulates an emergency and verifies that the lights can provide adequate illumination for safe evacuation. If they do not perform to their fullest, a battery replacement, a tube replacement, or a complete unit replacement may be required.

At AESM, we offer professional emergency lighting testing services that comply with these standards and ensure your lights and signs are well lit in times of power failure. We use advanced equipment and qualified specialists to thoroughly and accurately test your emergency and exit lighting systems.

Emergency & Exit Lights Maintenance Requirements

Emergency lights need more than just battery changes. They need skilled technicians to evaluate and maintain them as per safety standards. At AESM, we ensure your emergency lighting systems and exit lights are working properly and check for any issues with dulling lights, wiring, battery life, or other key components.

In fact, AESM’s expert fire safety technicians in Victoria will inspect your emergency lights against an emergency light inspection checklist and provide you with a complete report through our user-friendly CMMS system so that you can stay on top of your fire safety equipment maintenance requirements.

Be Fire-safe Today

Residential and worker safety is vital for all buildings in Melbourne and Building owners and managers are responsible for ensuring that, through fully functional fire safety systems including emergency lights and exit signs.

Luckily, AESM offers maintenance services for all your essential safety measures, including fire suppression systems, fire extinguishers, fire hose reels, fire hydrants, fire alarms, and fire blankets. We also offer emergency light testing in Geelong, in addition to Melbourne.

Don’t risk your safety. Get a free quote from AESM today for immediate review and testing services for your emergency lighting systems.