Fire Hydrant Inspection, Testing & Maintenance Services

Fire Hydrant Inspection, Testing & Maintenance Services

Fire emergencies can be devastating, particularly in commercial and residential buildings, endangering lives and assets. Fire hydrants are one of the integral fire protection systems installed in these structures. They serve as a primary water source for fire brigades and other firefighting services during emergencies. At AESM, we are committed to helping you maintain the effectiveness and functionality of these crucial fire safety equipment.

Class A fires, involving combustible materials such as wood, paper, and plastics, are where fire hydrants play their part. Given the critical role that fire hydrant systems have in fire protection, their regular maintenance and inspection become essential. With our thorough fire safety inspection, AESM is your go-to solution for ensuring the optimal performance of your fire hydrants. Contact us now.

Fire Hydrant Services Melbourne

At AESM, we offer a comprehensive suite of fire safety services in Melbourne for fire hydrants:

  • Routine inspection of your fire hydrant systems by our qualified technicians
  • Fire hydrant testing and maintenance as per timelines and Australian Standards. Before conducting routine inspections and tests, we make sure to refer to the Fire Hydrant Block Plan to understand the original installation.
  • Detailed Service Reports upon completion of our testing and other fire services, including a service tag for your fire hydrants. This enables you to keep track of testing timelines as well as any required repairs or replacements.

In addition, AESM uses quality tools and experts to conduct thorough inspections and tests. which enables us to accurately gauge the effectiveness of your fire hydrant systems, ensuring that they comply with all relevant Australian standards and regulatory requirements. We also offer a 24/7 response service, allowing you to reach us anytime in case of urgent issues.

Building managers and business owners are responsible for ensuring the safety of building occupants and their staff. This involves staying up-to-date on all scheduled maintenance and inspections on site. If you suspect any damage or flow issues in your fire hydrants, please contact AESM for an inspection. By availing our expert fire hydrant testing services in Melbourne, you can ensure your workplace is best prepared to handle fire emergencies.

What are the Australian Standards for Fire Hydrants?

Australian Standards provide complete guidelines for fire hydrant installations and maintenance. The AS 2419 provides regulations for fire hydrant installations; AS1851 details the maintenance procedures for fire hydrants and other fire safety equipment, and AS2419 outlines the minimum performance requirements for fire hydrants. These standards are supplemented by the Building Code of Australia.

Understanding and complying with these standards can be complex for business owners and property managers. That's why at AESM, we take on the heavy lifting. Our expert team stays on top of all current and upcoming changes to these standards and regulations. This way, we can guide you through the process, ensuring your fire hydrants and other fire safety systems stay within the guidelines and your premises are compliant at all times.

Fire Hydrant Installation

When commissioning fire hydrants, certain regulations must be strictly followed. According to the Building Code, any structure larger than 500 square metres is required to have a fire hydrant. Fire hose reels should be installed next to fire hydrants, and the hydrants should be easily accessible. It is also important that the Fire Hydrant Block Plan is located near the hydrant and safe from damage or dirt.

These regulations ensure quick access to hydrants by firefighters in the event of a fire. To assist with this, AESM offers inspection services for hydrant painting and marking, making sure they are visible and easily identifiable. This proactive approach can be crucial in speeding up response times during emergencies.

How often do you test Fire Hydrants?

Fire hydrant inspection frequency is determined by regulations as well as each company’s requirements. A visual inspection and water flow proof is conducted every six months, whereas an annual fire hydrant flow test forms part of the 12-monthly inspection and testing. Every five years, a more intensive maintenance procedure, involving a hydrant booster flow test, is performed. To keep clients updated, AESM carefully records all inspection, testing, and maintenance dates on the tag attached to each fire hydrant.

How are Fire Hydrants Tested and Maintained?

Fire hydrants are systems that must be inspected and tested for various elements. During these appointments, AESM's technicians:

  • Check whether hydrant valves are accessible and functional
  • Assess potential damage to the hydrant
  • Confirm the water supply in each valve
  • Conduct a hydrostatic pressure test to ensure the system's integrity under operational pressure
  • Perform Fire brigade hydrant booster flow testing, ensuring the hydrants maintain a residual (or flowing) pressure of 150-200 kPa and a flow rate of 10l/s. A booster overhaul may be necessary if the pressure readings are over or under these readings.

With AESM, you can rest assured that qualified fire safety technicians in Victoria will evaluate your fire hydrant systems against a fire hydrant inspection checklist based on Australian Safety standards. They will also provide a detailed report through AESM's user-friendly CMMS system so that you can stay updated on your fire safety equipment maintenance.

Be Fire-safe Today

Ensuring residential and commercial building fire safety in Geelong and Melbourne is key to safeguarding the well-being of all occupants. During a fire, the consequences of unmaintained fire equipment can be disastrous, potentially leading to loss of life. This makes it critical to allow regular inspections and maintenance of your fire hydrants and other fire-fighting equipment. These include fire hose reel testing, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, fire blankets and fire sprinkler services.

Don't delay your safety. Get a quote from AESM today for a prompt review and testing services for your fire hydrants. Protect your premises and the people within; be fire-safe today.